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Paradise Street bus interchange, Liverpool
Explore the case for city region transport investment

The Transport Works website at brings together the evidence base for investing in urban transport, all in one place.

Need a quick overview?

Browse the site front page to access web briefings and factsheets on how investing in transport can support urban economies, reduce congestion, cut carbon and tackle inequality. You can also find out more about the transport funding gap.

Need more indepth analysis?

Visit the capsule, thematic 'evidence base' library curated by an economist specialising in transport policy. Here you can find summaries of the key debates around topics such as agglomeration, structural change and welfare effects in relation to transport investment, each with lists of ‘must read’ resources as well as further reading to enable you to explore in more detail.

Related Documents

Transport Works for growth and jobs

February, 2014

This report summarises some of the latest academic research which shows the importance of agglomeration economies (the way in which high value sectors of the economy cluster together in cities) in driving wider national economies. It also shows that these urban clusters cannot develop to their full potential without high quality and efficient transport networks.


Transport works: the case for investing in the city regions

March, 2010

This document outlines the case for continued investment in urban local transport through the recession and beyond. Investing in better transport has been an important part of the stimulus package implemented by government in order to support key sectors of the economy through the recession. Continuing and sustaining this investment for the long term will be an equally important part of the recovery phase, since improving local transport is one of the most effective means of supporting jobs and businesses.