Policy Futures

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Discover our policy ideas for a range of transport topics

We have developed a suite of 'Policy Futures' papers, setting out ways forward on a range of key transport topics.


Related Documents

Policy Futures for Urban Transport

June, 2015

This report maps out the policies needed to build on recent progress on devolution to the city regions on transport, in order to achieve a wider vision of smart and integrated transport networks that deliver growth. The report finds that: ‘There’s a strong consensus that Britain’s city regions are key to the rebalancing of the economy and the UK’s wider economic success’, and ‘great strides have been made in ensuring that city regions can better shape their own futures and make the connections between different policy goals’. The report goes on to set out the policy framework needed to make faster and further progress.

NOTE: This document has been superseded by the 2016 version which can be downloaded below.

Delivering the future: New approaches to urban freight

February, 2015

This report highlights the essential role of urban freight in ensuring the effective functioning of the UK economy and presents a fresh vision designed to safeguard this role as well as protect the environment and quality of life for communities. It envisages that every opportunity should be taken for freight to make its way to urban areas by rail or water, either directly into those areas, or into the major distribution parks that serve them. It argues that those distribution sites should be located so that it is practical for goods to travel the last mile(s) into urban centres using zero/low emission modes. These last mile journeys should be achieved as safely, unobtrusively and with as little environmental impact as possible. The report explores a number of ideas that could assist in achieving this vision and calls for a broader, nationwide freight strategy to provide direction and leadership to the industry and its stakeholders.