Good practice examples

Cycling and walking symbols
Examples of good practice on making the connections between transport and health


A Healthy Relationship: Public health and transport collaboration in local government (February 2015)
Research commissioned by Urban Transport Group (formerly pteg) which includes a number of in-depth good practice case studies of public health and transport teams working together in local government.

Improving the health of Londoners: Transport action plan (February 2014)
Transport for London's first health improvement action plan setting out: how transport impacts on health; policy context; planned actions; and good practice examples. The document also includes a useful list of resources and tools for understanding and demonstrating the role of transport in health.

Transport planning for healthier lifestyles - a best practice guide (external link)
A guide published by Transport for London in cooperation with the NHS providing guidance for healthcare organisations on the promotion of sustainable travel and transport planning for changes in healthcare.

Protocol between Bristol City Council and NHS Bristol for bringing health expertise into decision making on planning (May 2011)
Establishes a protocol between the Council and NHS Bristol to help ensure health and wellbeing are properly considered in the assessment of certain planning applications.

Bristol Physical Activity Charter (external link)
Charter outlining Active Bristol's eight key ambitions for a more active city.


Toronto Charter for Physical Activity: A global call to action (external link)
Charter from Global Advocacy for Physical Activity to help advocate for greater political and social commitment to support health enhancing physical activity for all.