Health and transport evidence base

Examining files
Essential evidence on the links between transport and health

Active travel briefings for Local Authorities (external link)
Three tailored briefings on walking and cycling for local authorities, each aimed at a different audience - elected Members, Directors of Transport and Directors of Public Health. These short Powerpoint presentations bring together all the latest evidence, policy and ideas on active travel. They are designed to help local authorities make the case for action to increase walking and cycling. The briefings have been produced by a national 'Active Travel and Health' group - a sub-group of DfT's Cycling Stakeholder Forum.

Improving the public's health: A resource for local authorities (external link) (December 2013)
A report for local authorities by the King's Fund outlining nine key areas that can improve public health and reduce inequalities, of which 'active and safe travel' is one. The report includes the business case for transport interventions including the benefits and savings that can be expected. The report also contains a useful list of resources.

Essential Evidence on a Page series (external link)
The Essential Evidence series, produced by health and transport expert Dr Adrian Davis, is intended to distil the key findings of peer-reviewed public health evidence of relevance to transport professionals in a single page, de-jargonised format. Each paper in the series focuses on a different health and transport related topic. 

Making the connections: The cross-sector benefits of supporting bus services
pteg report which includes a chapter on how investing in bus services can help the Department of Health achieve its policy goals (see pp.108-115).

Sustrans academic research hub (external link)
Hub containing up-to-date and robust academic research and evidence related to the benefits of sustainable and active travel.

Health in the green economy - co-benefits to health of climate change mitigation: transport sector (November 2011)
Factsheet from the World Health Organisation reviewing the evidence base on the health impacts of transport related action to reduce climate change.

A Healthy Relationship: Public health and transport collaboration in local government (February 2015)
A survey of Directors of Public Health commissioned by pteg to explore the extent of collaboration between public health and transport teams in local government, as well as the level of priority placed on transport interventions by public health professionals. The report also contains a number of good practice case studies of collaboration in action.

Improving the health of Londoners (February 2014)
Contains a wealth of useful statistics on how transport impacts on health in London and further afield.

Investments that work for physical activity (February 2011)
Briefing by Global Advocacy for Physical Activity setting out the seven best investments for physical activity.

Value for Money: An Economic Assessment of Investment in Walking and Cycling (external link) (May 2010)
Report by Dr Adrian Davis compiling the best available cost benefit evidence from the UK and abroad on the impact of walking and cycling investment.

Building Health: Creating and enhancing places for healthy, active lives (January 2007)
Report from the National Heart Forum, Living Streets and CABE on what needs to be done to ensure places promote healthy, active lives.