Internal comms on benefits to staff

Communicating the benefits of the Urban Transport Group network to staff


The Urban Transport Group network offers many benefits to the staff of its member organisations – but that doesn’t mean that staff are necessarily aware of what Urban Transport Group does and ways in which it may be able to help and support them in their work.

The Board agreed to a programme to promote these benefits to their staff via their own internal comms channels and this paper sets out ideas and resources on how this can be done.

Ideas / templates / actions and infographics

  1. Put the Urban Transport Group logo (hyperlinked where appropriate) as part of template of internal comms channels (see Related Documents)
  2. Interview with Support Unit Director or other team member in internal newsletters / updates / Intranets
  3. Interview with member of your own staff who benefit / plays a role in Urban Transport Group via your internal comms
  4. Send a sample e-update via your own internal comms channels (see Related Documents)
  5. One-off specials in your own internal comms style on one or more channels about benefits of Urban Transport Group
  6. Post the Urban Transport Group infographic up on staff noticeboards (see Related Documents)
  7. Have benefits of Urban Transport Group as a one–off item at staff team meetings (see Related Documents for presentation)
  8. Ask us to write an article for internal comms channels on the benefits / what it does or whatever angle you want to take
  9. Promote the infographic in one off email to staff or via internal comms (see below)