Joint memberships, services and discounts



UITP is the International Association of Public Transport which represents over 2,900 urban, local, regional and national public transport operators, authorities, suppliers and research bodies. It makes the case for the public transport sector at a European and global level and acts as a forum for the exchange of good practice and expertise through its research programmes, conferences and events, and specialist groups.

Urban Transport Group has secured a considerable discount on membership costs by consolidating the memberships that most individual members had into a jointly held Urban Transport Group membership.

This means all Member staff now have:

  • access to the members only section of the UITP's website (which includes their good practice library, directory of members, specialist forums, etc). Each Member has its own password and username but if you have trouble tracking it down then contact Saila Acton at the Urban Transport Group and we will give you the password and username that we use.
  • discounts on UITP publications.
  • reduced rates at UITP events.

You can find out more about our wider work on Europe on the European and International hub.

Visit the UITP website.

Campaign for Better Transport

The Campaign for Better Transport campaigns for better public transport and a more sustainable transport policy.Urban Transport Group holds group membership on behalf of our Members.

Visit the Campaign for Better Transport website.