Tom Ellerton

Researcher (Analysis)

Tom began working for Urban Transport Group (formerly pteg) in April 2014. As our Researcher, he works on a wide range of projects as well as overseeing and developing work with datasets and indicators.  

Since starting Tom has been involved in the development of our data hub, as well as a of a number of publications, including the 'Northern Rail Briefing' and the 'Economic Case for Rail in the North of England', the 'Revenue vs Capital Mismatch' report and our work on bus fares and profitability.

Tom completed a PhD in 2014 focusing on urban regeneration in Liverpool, in the Department of Town and Regional Planning, University of Sheffield. Tom graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a degree in Urban Geography before undertaking a Master’s degree in Human Geography Research at the University of Sheffield. Before joining us, Tom worked for a health consultancy, undertaking research to improve the information given to patients with medicines and medical devices.

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