Staff working for one of the Urban Transport Group's member organisations enjoy a wide range of benefits. 

You can get the most of what we have to offer by signing up to our monthly e-updates and by creating a username and password which gives full access to all the content on our website.

Key benefits of membership include:

  • The expertise and knowledge of our Professional Network – via groups focusing on different areas of our work from rail and bus, to social inclusion and new mobility, which are exclusive to our members. Find out more about the Professional Network.
  • Groundbreaking research and insight – from major policy reports, to briefings and consultation responses. Explore our resources.
  • Access to the Urban Transport Group’s dedicated team – who are on hand to co-ordinate working groups, represent our full members on issues of joint concern, lead on consultation responses and develop materials for public use. Contact our team.
  • Saving time and resources - through working as a network which does things once and collaboratively, rather than separately and expensively. Read our 'Doing more for less' briefing.
  • Access to UITP – we have secured a considerable discount on membership costs by consolidating the memberships that most individual members had into a jointly held Urban Transport Group membership with UITP (The International Association of Public Transport). See here for further details.

Who are our members?

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