Active Travel

Active travel (cycling and walking) is good for public health, good for the environment and good for cities too as making trips on foot or by bike rather than by car makes more efficient use of available street and road space.

Key Indicators

Number of walking trips (nationally)

Nationally in 2018 the average person made 326 walking trips (commuting and leisure) - accounting for almost a third of all trips. The recent increases in the number of trips reported now means that there has been a small increase in the number of walking trips over the last decade.

Number of cycling trips (nationally)

Cycle trips per head remain low nationally and fluctuate from year to year within a narrow band of numbers of trips. In 2018, the average person made just over 17 trips by bike, a small increase on the pervious year.

Distanced travelled by mode (nationally)

In 2018, the average person walked 307 miles and cycled 58 miles. The average distance walked has decreased slightly in the last ten years. However the average distance cycled has increased despite the number of trips remaining broadly the same.

Average trip length by mode (nationally)

In 2018, the average trip length for walking was 0.9 miles and 3.3 miles for cycling. The average walking trip length has remained static, whilst there has been a slight increase in the average cycle trip length over the last ten years.