Road Safety

Key Indicators

Reported road casualties

In 2018, 29,906 people were either killed or seriously injured on Britain's roads. This is a reduction of almost 8,000 casulaties since 2008, but a slight increase over the last year.. 

Reported road casualties by mode

Whilst there has been a general downward trend in the number of KSIs across all modes covered there has been a worrying increase over the last couple of years. This is even when the statistics have been adjusted to cover the new reporting methods used by the police. 

Reported road casualties by City Region

The number of people Killed or Seriously Injured has fallen over time. However, some areas have seen an increase in numbers over the last few years. This is despite the statistics being adjusted to account for new definitions used by the police. 

KSIs by mode per billion miles travelled

The number of people killed or seriously injured has decreased per billion miles travelled over time. However there has been a slight increase for cyclists and motorcyclists - in both cases the number of killed has decreased but there has been an increase in the number seriously injured.