Society and Demographics

Population change has major implications for the transport networks of our urban areas. Recent years have seen the end of long-term decline in many British cities, meaning that transport authorities are planning for a growth in jobs and population.

Key Indicators

City Region populations are growing

In recent years, City Regions have seen strong population growth, reversing the decline that was seen after de-industrialisation. Since 2002, Greater Manchester's population has increased by 11.2% and London has seen a 20.5% increase.   

Median age of the UK population

The median age of the UK population was 40 years in 2014, having increased from 34 in 1975. This has implications for public transport systems being able to meet the needs of an ageing population. More data on our ageing population can be found here

Population of Urban Transport Group members

The population of Urban Transport Group full members is 20.5 million people. This is roughly 30% of the population of Great Britain. The population of associate members is 3.7 million, making a total of 24.2 million people.

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