‘Right direction, wrong speed’ - Urban Transport Group responds to Government’s Road to Zero strategy

Monday, July 9, 2018


The Government’s much anticipated ‘Road to Zero’ strategy on reducing emissions from vehicles is heading in the right direction, but at the wrong speed, the Urban Transport Group has warned today.

Responding to the publication, the Group - which represents the UK’s largest urban transport authorities – criticised the strategy for failing to bring forward the date by which the Government will end the sale of new petrol and diesel from 2040, which many businesses, cities and environmental groups have campaigned for.

The Urban Transport Group also highlighted how the strategy only includes a voluntary agreement with the HGV industry to reduce emissions.

Dr Jon Lamonte, Chief Executive of Transport for Greater Manchester and Urban Transport Group lead Board member for air quality, said:

“The Government’s road to zero strategy is heading in the right direction, but at the wrong speed.

“We need to act far sooner than 2040 to ban conventional vehicles if we are to improve air quality within our cities. The lack of incentives to discourage people from using conventional cars – particularly diesel vehicles - will also make it more difficult to reduce emissions.

“Government must go further and faster if we are to reach our desired destination of clean road transport.”