David Brown is new Chair of pteg

Monday, January 21, 2013
David Brown

SYPTE Director General, David Brown, is the new Chair of pteg. He takes over following on from Centro DG Geoff Inskip’s two year term in the role.

David Brown said:

“With HS2 on the horizon, the PTEs’ role is more important than ever in ensuring that national strategic transport links properly fuse with better local transport networks to maximise the benefits for city region economies. We are of the right geographical scale, and have the capacity to make this happen in a locally accountable and cost effective way. Indeed, in many ways this is an exciting time for PTEs, as a whole series of big schemes are being planned or delivered which will complement major national projects like HS2. This includes Northern Hub, extensions of tram systems, new rolling stock for Merseyrail, the renewal of the Tyne and Wear Metro, as well innovations like Tram-Train in South Yorkshire and NGT in West Yorkshire. At the same time, we are also working hard to make meaningful devolution of decision making from Whitehall work for the city regions including on local rail services, on bus subsidies like BSOG, and on major capital schemes.

“One of the biggest challenges we will face over the next couple of years is on revenue funding. Although there is a consensus around the importance of capital spending on transport infrastructure as key to unlocking growth, we face an unprecedented revenue squeeze – compounded by the statutory requirement to fund the national concessionary fares scheme which makes up half our spending already. Capital spending on new bus, rail and tram schemes is of course vital. However we also need revenue funding to pay the staff to plan and implement new capital schemes, to support the services that will use the new infrastructure, and to ensure that these schemes are more than the sum of their parts through system-wide smart and integrated ticketing, and comprehensive information provision. Making an effective case for adequate revenue funding will be one of the big challenges we face if we are to get the best from welcome infrastructure upgrades.”

David Brown added:

“Under Geoff’s chairmanship pteg has continued to expand its remit beyond just public transport to include issues like freight, cycling and active travel. We are also working more closely with Core Cities than ever before on shared transport agendas with the Districts. With pteg’s professional network now covering most of the UK’s largest urban areas, I look forward to continuing to deepen the range and scope of what pteg does to save its members money through joint working and collaborative procurement, and in acting as an effective and intelligent voice for urban transport.”


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