New pteg Director

Monday, August 18, 2008

Jonathan Bray has been appointed as new Director of the pteg Support Unit. He will take up the post when the current Director, Tim Larner, steps down at the end of November. Jonathan Bray is currently the Assistant Director of the Unit.

Jonathan Bray said:

‘I’m very pleased that I’ve been given the opportunity to head up the Support Unit at what is a very exciting time for the PTAs and PTEs. The first five years of the pteg Support Unit was about raising the profile, cohesiveness and effectiveness of pteg. Now that we are punching our weight, the next few years is about making the most of the huge opportunities opened up by the Local Transport Bill to ensure that the PTEs and ITAs can become the more fully empowered strategic transport authorities that our increasingly dynamic city regions will need.’

pteg Chair, Neil Scales, said:

‘The Support Unit has already saved the PTEs millions through the joint working it has co-ordinated. It has also been highly effective in representing the PTEs and in putting us right at the heart of the urban transport policy debate.’

‘In his five years as Director Tim Larner has done a tremendous job in establishing and leading the Support Unit. We have also had a good team at the Unit and we are very pleased that Jonathan Bray will now be stepping up to take on the Director role.’

‘We will now soon be advertising for an Assistant Director. I’m sure that this will be an attractive opportunity for anyone with the right mix of skills and determination, and who would relish the challenge of playing a key role in improving public transport in some of Europe’s largest city regions.’


For more, contact Jonathan Bray on 0113 251 7445 / 0781 804 1485

A biography of Jonathan Bray can be viewed here, and a picture here