pteg launches 'manifesto' for transport in the cities

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Man with megaphone

At a fringe meeting at the TUC in Liverpool today, pteg Chair, Neil Scales, launched pteg’s ‘manifesto for transport in the cities’.

The ‘manifesto’ sets out pteg’s ideas for politicians and policymakers in what will be the last conference season before a General Election. It will be up for debate at fringe meetings which will be held at the Autumn Liberal Democrat, Labour and Conservative party conferences.

The eight themes of the ‘manifesto’ are:

  • tackle the transport ‘funding gap’ between London and the next tier of major cities
  • work with us to deliver smartcards that provide an Oyster-style offer
  • bring our commuter rail networks into the twenty first century
  • work with us on transforming local bus services
  • fair play for tram schemes
  • transform our rail connectivity
  • use transport to help take the pressure off low income families and help people get back to work
  • broaden, widen and deepen the devolution of decision making on local transport

Neil Scales told the fringe meeting:

‘The Local Transport Act 2008 gives Britain’s largest urban areas more choices over how local bus services should be run and on how decision-making on transport as a whole should be made. PTEs are working together to take advantage of these opportunities and all PTEs are setting out what kind of bus service they wish to see in their areas using the tools in the Local Transport Act to make sure it happens.’

Neil Scales also set out how the PTEs were working together on their smartcard plans for the cities, and how transport could also play a role in helping low income families get through the recession with schemes like WorkWise and through a better and more consistent approach to child fares.

Neil Scales added:

London is a world class city and deserves a world class network but so do other big cities. We now have plenty of ideas on how to take transport in the cities to the next level, and many of the powers we need. However we also need the right level of funding and the latest Treasury figures show that spend per head on transport in London is now three times greater than it is in our areas.’

‘Our view is that the right approach to improving transport in the cities is to devolve the powers and funding that’s needed so that locally accountable transport bodies - like the PTEs - can get on with the job of planning and developing the modern integrated transport networks that our cities need.’


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