pteg pays tribute to Gwyneth Dunwoody

Friday, April 18, 2008
Gwyneth Dunwoody in 2005

Responding to today’s sad news that Gwyneth Dunwoody has passed away, Chair of the group of six Passenger Transport Authorities, Cllr Mark Dowd said:

‘We are all very saddened to hear the news today that Gwyneth has died. She was a friend of the PTAs, but that would never stop her from giving us a grilling at her Committee, or from taking us to task when we deserved it. All delivered in that fearsome, incisive but entertaining way that was unique to Gwyneth. With the no-nonsense approach she brought to Chairing the Transport Select Committee it’s probably fair to say that it was Gwyneth, more than any other politician, that the public looked to when someone had to say what needed to be said about problems with transport. Her warmth, humour and indefatigable spirit will be greatly missed.’

Chair of pteg, Neil Scales, said:

‘It is very sad news that Gwyneth has passed away. Parliament, and the transport world, will be a greyer and more mundane place without her. Nobody would ever get away with treating parliamentary process lightly when she was in charge of Transport Select Committee and there was rarely a dull moment no matter how dry the transport topic being discussed. She was a great battler and advocate for the better public transport that PTEs have always tried to deliver, and we will miss her.’


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