Time for joined up thinking on planning and transport

Friday, March 19, 2010
Bus stop in Birmingham

Planning law should change to ensure big city developments are public transport served

In its response to a CLG consultation on 'Improving engagement by statutory and non-statutory consultees' (which closes today - 19th March), pteg has called for more joined up thinking on big city planning and transport policy by making PTEs statutory consultees on major planning applications.

Chair of pteg, Neil Scales, said:

'Major new developments in our areas - like sports stadiums, shopping centres and new housing - should be planned with sustainable transport access in mind. There's plenty of examples in our areas of both co-ordinated, and un-coordinated, transport and land use planning. PTEs are the strategic transport planning bodies for the six largest conurbations outside London, so in our areas we can help to ensure that all decisions about plans for major new developments are properly informed by an understanding of the transport implications. We can also help to ensure that, wherever possible, new development is accessible by the most sustainable modes, in line with wider goals for carbon reduction.'

Neil Scales added:

'Under the Local Transport Act 2008 the DfT strengthened the role of PTEs to bring more cohesion and strategic direction to the planning of transport in the largest urban areas outside London. Now we need some joined up thinking across Government departments to ensure that the PTEs can fulfil their strategic role by giving them consultee status on major planning applications.'


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