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2 December, 2005
Responding to the recent decision by the Government to refuse funding for new tram schemes in Leeds, Merseyside and South Hampshire, Cllr Mark Dowd, Chair of the PTA special interest group (which brings together leading councillors from all seven of the UK’s PTAs), said:
12 September, 2005
A new survey of MPs has shown that the majority of Labour MPs are increasingly frustrated with the relative lack of attention paid to local bus services by central Government. They also want to see buses across Britain run in the same way as they are in London.
15 April, 2005
Centro Director General, Rob Donald, is the new Chair of pteg. Rob takes over from Metro Director General, Kieran Preston, who has stepped down after four years in the post. Rob Donald said:
7 April, 2005
pteg said today it was disappointed that the Government has pushed through clauses in the Railways Bill that will remove the PTEs’ automatic right to be co-signatories of rail franchises [1] – despite considerable cross party opposition in both the upper and lower houses.  The PTEs have used the
5 April, 2005
The UK’s largest bloc of light rail promoters has welcomed a report by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee into the future of light rail Kieran Preston, Chair of pteg, said:
3 April, 2005
The UK’s largest bloc of light rail promoters gave its wholehearted backing today to a new report from the House of Commons Transport Select Committee on the future of light rail and modern trams. Chair of pteg, Kieran Preston said:
23 February, 2005
New light rail schemes are far better at attracting motorists and cutting congestion than improvements to bus services, according to a new report, launched on 23 February 2005 by pteg.
8 January, 2005
Britain’s seven Passenger Transport Executives (PTEs) are pioneering innovative new ways to tackle social exclusion, a report published today shows.
25 November, 2004
pteg expressed its concern today over clauses in the Railways Bill (published today) which would remove the PTEs’ powers to plan and manage local rail networks.
12 November, 2004
Britain’s seven Passenger Transport Executives (which serve more than thirteen million people in some of the country’s largest city regions) have expressed their concern over Government proposals to strip them of their powers over local rail networks.