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11 July, 2018
The Urban Transport Group has welcomed the first ever National Infrastructure Assessment, published by the National Infrastructure Commission, for offering what it called a “powerful endorsement” of the case for investing more in transport within cities.
9 July, 2018
  The Government’s much anticipated ‘Road to Zero’ strategy on reducing emissions from vehicles is heading in the right direction, but at the wrong speed, the Urban Transport Group has warned today.
4 July, 2018
  Healthy Streets for All, a new programme to raise awareness and support UK cities in shaping urban environments around people and their health, has been launched today by the Urban Transport Group in collaboration with renowned public health expert Lucy Saunders.
Active travel
27 June, 2018
‘Big shift to active travel in urban transport policy is underway’
Rail Cities UK report
20 June, 2018
Rail expansion ‘only viable option’ to help UK cities achieve economic, environmental & social goals
4 June, 2018
The Urban Transport Group has today responded to the launch of a public consultation on rail fares in the UK.
22 May, 2018
  The Government’s new Clean Air Strategy lacks coherence and a truly joined up approach for reducing emissions from transport, the Urban Transport Group has warned today.
17 May, 2018
Website aims to prevent ‘wheel reinvention’ on partnership agreements
10 April, 2018
  The significant growth of van traffic in the UK is creating ‘considerable challenges’ for cities and urban areas, from poor air quality to congestion - a new report from the Urban Transport Group finds today.
4 April, 2018
  Ageing urban populations, rapid bus passenger decline and huge growth in private hire vehicles are just some of the dramatic shifts taking place in UK cities, a new report from the Urban Transport Group reveals today.