Our coronavirus briefings

The key COVID-19 challenges for urban transport and the support we need from Government

This overarching briefing sets out the key issues facing urban transport authorities in their response to the coronavirus crisis. It also sets out the four things we need from Government so that transport authorities can support a safe and achievable phased release from lockdown.

Updated 12 July 2020

The transport challenges of the return to schools

The COVID-19 crisis has led to the capacity of public transport to be heavily constrained, creating formidable operational and financial challenges for transport authorities which will have a key role to play in supporting a return to schools in September. This briefing sets out the key challenges for transport authorities and the asks of central Government.

Updated 26 July 2020

Supporting bus services in the COVID-19 recovery period

This briefing makes the case for a more robust and cost effective format for funding support for the bus sector for the recovery period.

Updated 12 July 2020