Urban Freight - The Last Mile Challenge Conference

Last mile of urban freight deliveries
A conference exploring ideas and innovation around urban freight

On Friday 26th September 2014, we, together with Landor Links and Transport for London, held a conference on 'Urban Freight: The Last Mile Challenge for Cities'. The event was attended by over 60 UK and international delegates and speakers from transport authorities, freight operators, retailers, campaign groups, charities, consultancies and research bodies.

The 'last mile' of distribution, as goods travel to their final destination in the heart of city centres, is potentially the most significant freight issue for urban areas. These goods include retail stock, office supplies, documents, parcels (including e-commerce deliveries) and construction materials. All must find their way to shops, offices, bars and restaurants, building sites and homes. The way in which these goods are delivered has implications for congestion, air quality, noise, safety and the overall urban environment.

A blog post detailing nine key lessons from the conference is available here (external link).

Follow the links below to view the agenda and download a selection of presentations delivered on the day. In addition to those listed below, note that the presentation by Rob King of Outspoken! Delivery on 'The Cambridge experience and Cyclelogistics project' can be downloaded at: https://prezi.com/witgfpxan88e/last-mile-conference-london-sep-14/#




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