Assessment tools

Signpost showing walking route
Tools to assist in measuring the potential and actual impacts of health and transport interventions

Active Mode Appraisal Toolkit
A user guide to the DfT's Active Mode Appraisal Toolkit which includes the ability to quantify the health benefits of walking and cycling interventions.

WHO/Europe Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT)
Tool designed to assist in the economic assessment of the health benefits of walking or cycling by estimating the value of reduced mortality that results from specified amounts of walking or cycling.

Valuing the health benefits of transport schemes: guidance for London
This guidance is designed for London but provides universally useful advice on using HEAT.

Public Health Outcomes Framework Data Tool
Tool for comparing local authorities by their performance against each of the Public Health Outcome Framework Measures.

Transport appraisal: valuing health impacts
Describes a method to estimate the health benefits of walking and cycling interventions. Example calculations using WebTAG are included.

Sustrans Active Travel Toolbox
A range of toolkits to help make the case for and improve walking and cycling schemes. Includes tools to: evaluate costs and benefits of a multi-intervention programme; calculate the typical impact of different infrastructure investment schemes; and a tool to estimate the economic benefit from recreational cycling.

Propensity to Cycle Tool
Designed to assist in prioritising investments and interventions to promote cycling, this tool answers the question 'where is cycling currently common and where does it have the greatest potential to grow?'. It can be used as a large scale strategic planning tool or at a smaller scale, down to particular roads.