Health and transport evidence base

Examining files
Essential evidence on the links between transport and health

Essential Evidence on a Page series
The Essential Evidence series, produced by health and transport expert Dr Adrian Davis, is intended to distill the key findings of peer-reviewed public health evidence of relevance to transport professionals in a single page, de-jargonised format. Each paper in the series focuses on a different health and transport related topic. 

Everybody active, every day: What works: the evidence
Document by Public Health England consolidating the evidence base, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence  guidance and input from more that 1,000 individuals to set out 'what works' in making everyday physical activity the norm. Transport is a key component.

NICE guidelines
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines use the best available evidence to develop recommendations to guide decisions in health, public health and social care. A number of the guidelines cover topics of relevance to transport:

Claiming the Health Dividend: A summary and discussion of value for money estimates from studies of investment in walking and cycling
Report focusing on the financial benefits accrued as a result of improvements in health when more people become physically active through walking and cycling. Assesses the evidence base from both peer reviewed and 'grey' literature from the UK and beyond.

Sustrans Active Travel Toolbox
Suite of resources to help local authorities and their partners make the case for, and improve, walking and cycling schemes.

What Works Centre for Wellbeing
Brings together the evidence about the relative impacts on wellbeing of policies and projects, their cost and the quality of the evidence. This includes evidence around housing, infrastructure and where we live; unemployment; physical activity; and how to measure wellbeing impacts.

Centre for Diet and Activity Research - Evidence briefs and data visualisations
Succinct summaries of research findings for policymakers and practitioners, developed in collaboration with partners. A number of these directly address aspects of travel and transport.

PASTA Project
EU funded project aiming to show how promoting walking and cycling can lead to a healthier, more physically active population - saving money and improving lives. Among the outputs is a useful infographic summarising the results collected over the duration of the project.

Spatial planning for health: evidence review
This report by Public Health England provides the findings from an evidence review examining the links between health, and the built and natural environment to help inform policy and support local action. The review concentrated on 5 built environment topics including transport. PHE has also published an accompanying guide to help local authorities put the principles of the review into practice.