Tools and good practice examples to make collaboration happen

A team mapping out ideas with post-its and charts
Practical resources to foster and inspire joint working between transport and health


Health in All Policies: A manual for local government
Produced by the Local Government Association, this practical guide brings together the arguments for a Health in All Policies (HiAP) approach with practical suggestions for making it work at local level. It includes some very useful advice for initiating and strengthening collaborative approaches and provides answers to common misgivings such as 'won't HiAP be expensive? Why should we spend our already stretched resources on issues outside our core business?'.

Working together to promote active travel: a briefing for local authorities
This guide from Public Health England suggests a range of practical action for local authorities, from overall policy to practical implementation. It highlights the importance of community involvement and sets out steps for transport and public health practitioners.

A Transport Journey to a Healthier Life
Identifies the potential benefits of better integration between transport, health and wellbeing and the barriers to progress that need to be challenged. Published by the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation.

Public health and transport roundtable: report of the meeting
Report of a roundtable convened by Urban Transport Group, bringing together health and transport stakeholders to discuss how remaining barriers to joint working can be addressed.

Good practice

Transport planning for healthier lifestyles - a best practice guide
Transport for London worked with the NHS to produce this guide which contains numerous case studies of health and transport collaboration. In particular, it looks at how the NHS can enable patients to access healthcare via public transport - and to promote a healthy lifestyle with sustainable and active travel.

PASTA project: Handbook of good practice case studies for promotion of walking and cycling
Developed as part of the EU-funded PASTA project, this handbook contains a number of detailed examples of health and transport working in collaboration to boost levels of walking and cycling.

Bristol: Embedding public health specialists in transport teams
To improve the health of its residents and initiate the changes required to do so, NHS Bristol employed a number of public health experts and developed the influencing skills of such staff at various levels of local government through co-located posts.

London: Transport for London's Health Action Plan
Transport for London (TfL) has a health action plan 'Improving the health of Londoners' setting out the main connections between transport and health and the work underway to improve the health of Londoners through transport interventions. TfL benefits from a Public Health Consultant embedded in the transport authority.