Transport to healthcare

Graphic depicting different forms of transport travelling between homes and hospitals
These resources explore how patients, visitors and staff travel to healthcare settings and the potential for improvements and efficiencies

Total Transport: a better approach to commissioning non-emergency patient transport?
Our report, in partnership with the Community Transport Association, looks at the potential of Total Transport approaches (pooling resources and fleets) to improve the experience of patients and save money for the health sector.

Tendering Road Passenger Transport Contracts: Best Practice Guidance
A general guide produced by the Department for Transport, but one which includes a significant amount of advice on working together with the NHS to improve non-emergency patient transport. It presents the challenges that may be encountered as well as an alternative vision for a coordinated approach.

Providing transport in partnership - a guide for health agencies and local authorities
Whilst now rather old, this guide remains a useful source of advice on working together across the transport and health sectors to enable more effective, user-focused transport to healthcare.

Transport planning for healthier lifestyles
A best practice guide produced by Transport for London to help the NHS integrate healthcare planning with transport provision and encourage a shift towards sustainable and active transport modes.

Painful Journeys
A major campaign by Age UK highlighting the difficult experiences many older people face in using hospital transport.

Sick of Waiting
Produced by accessible transport campaigners Transport for All, this report into patient transport in London highlights challenges and positive solutions.