The connections between transport, mental health and wellbeing

Handles to hold on to on the bus
Hang-on in there: Resources exploring the impact of transport on mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Health and Transport Summit Report
Report from the groundbreaking 2016 Summit hosted by Mental Health Action Group and Anxiety UK, marking the beginning of a new relationship between the transport industry and people affected by mental health issues. This report summarises the findings, presentations and actions from the day and provides a useful introduction to the subject.

The Commuting and Wellbeing Study
Longitudinal study by researchers at the University of West of the England looking at the impact of commuting on wellbeing. Among the findings is that every extra minute of commute time reduces job and leisure time satisfaction, increases strain and reduces wellbeing. Active commuting by bike or on foot was found to deliver positive benefits to health and wellbeing. A report by the Royal Society for Public Health, 'Health in a Hurry' reports very similar findings, adding to the weight of evidence.

What Works Centre for Wellbeing
Brings together the evidence about the relative impacts on wellbeing of policies and projects, their cost and the quality of evidence.