Scotrail train
Under ScotRail devolution, more stations and rail lines have opened in Scotland than any other part of the UK

Between 2002 and 2015, £800 million was invested in reopening five lines. The expansion of ScotRail reflects the Scottish government's consistent view, over two decades, of the railway's importance in creating a more prosperous country with stronger communities. Plans for an extensive rail reopening programme started within months of the first devolution agreement which established the Scottish government in 1999. The starting point was a wider perspective on the case for investing in rail projects. As well as financial and economic benefits, assessments took account of factors including the potential to revitalise struggling towns and neighbourhoods, stimulate housing developments and reduce road congestion and pollution. The Scottish government has used its control over rail infrastructure, services and policy to make numerous reforms that have significantly benefited passengers, leading to impressive increases in passengers and overall network use.

For more information you can visit the Scottish Government's transport website.

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