The legal and regulatory framework for smart futures

Foundations for transport innovation infographic
The foundations that should underpin legal and regulatory reform

The Department for Transport is currently conducting the 'Future of transport regulatory review'. Announced in the 'Future of mobility: urban strategy', the review is focusing on the legal and regulatory framework governing micromobility, flexible bus services and Mobility as a Service. The review complements existing regulatory programmes on areas like self-driving vehicles and zero emission vehicles.

This hub gathers the resources and recommendations that inform our responses to the review, as well as consultation responses submitted so far.


Related Documents

The future of e-scooters

March, 2022

This report sets out first principles to consider in any regulatory reforms around micromobility, before moving on to detailed recommendations on, first, powers to control the micromobility rental market and, second, on construction and use standards specifically for e-scooters, given concerns around the private e-scooter market.

Towards an appropriate legal and regulatory framework for smart futures on transport

September, 2020

Commissioned from consultants Steer, this report seeks to provide an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses the current UK legal and regulatory framework for smart transport futures in relation to the key challenges that UK transport authorities face. It also explores the potential for anticipatory regulation, principles that could underpin any changes to the framework and recommendations for priority areas in need of reform.