Light Rail Inquiry - transcripts

The Light Rail Inquiry heard evidence over three days. Each day was divided into a number of sessions, focusing on particular areas of interest. Follow the links below to download the transcripts for each session.

Day 1 (27 October 2009)

Session transcripts Witnesses
Light Rail development in the UK - LRTA perspectives Light Rail Transit Assocation
The changing context for light rail - peak oil, climate change and health

Light Rail UK

Oil Depletion Analysis Centre

The role of innovation in Light Rail - Ultra Light Rail and other technologies

Parry Associates


Light Rail developments in the UK - industry perspectives Confederation of Passenger Transport

Day 2 (3 November 2009)

Session transcripts Witnesses
Promoters' views on scheme development


Nottingham City Council


Localism, devolution and trams Campaign for Better Transport
Reassessing appraisal and value for money on trams KPMG
European perspectives - what lessons can be learnt? Keolis

Day 3 (25 November 2009)

Transcripts Witnesses
The role of innovation in Light Rail Tram power
Business perspectives on Light Rail

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce

Leeds, York and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

Industry perspectives on taking tram forwards/Infrastructure procurement

Light Rapid Transit Forum


Tram-Train Network Rail and Department for Transport
Pulling it all together - the role of UK Tram and promoters

Transport for London/UK Tram


Department for Transport Department for Transport


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Light Rail and the City Regions Inquiry - Final Report

February, 2010

Report setting out the findings of the All Party Parliamentary Light Rail Group/pteg Light Rail and the City Regions Inquiry. The report includes a suite of recommendations for national government, local transport authorities and the light rail sector based on evidence submitted to the Inquiry.