Decarbonising urban vehicles - Challenges and opportunities for city region public authorities

Decarbonising urban vehicles report

This report sets out the challenges city regions face in decarbonising urban vehicles, which includes private vehicles as well as public sector fleets, and also the opportunities to overcome barriers and make real progress.

Commissioned by the Urban Transport Group and Connected Places Catapult, and prepared by Arup, the report argues that a more cohesive approach to accelerating the uptake of zero emission vehicles is needed if local, regional and national decarbonisation targets are to be achieved.

The challenges, examined across six themes range from staffing capacity at local authorities, a lack of cohesive national policy and the absence of strategic and coordinated funding, whilst opportunities are presented in further devolution of powers to city regions, innovation and infrastructure design.

The report also sets out a roadmap detailing how the journey to net zero by 2050 is achieved through each of the six themes.